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Be well.

Magnus Wellness tailors treatments to help you envision, attain and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Daniel W. Fielder, LAc offers individualized assessments, and a warm, personalized approach to medicine.

Chinese Medicine employs a holistic perspective and believes that everything within is interconnected, treating the multiple facets of the mind-body-spirit interaction.

Daniel loves what he does. He loves to support the process of healing. And he believes, as the saying goes, “with health, one can do anything.”
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Our focus is on your personal holistic growth.

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Each individual gets tailored assessment and treatment, and we pride ourselves on our warm and personalized approach to medicine.

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Chinese Medicine employs a holistic perspective, believing that everything within is interconnected. This focus treats the multiple facets of the mind-body-spirit interaction.
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We love to support the process of healing and growth. We get to know each patient individually and find ways to help them live healthier and fuller lives.

Healing with Chinese Medicine

It can be challenging to envision or understand, but we all know that our bodies are complex systems, and we notice when they react to physical and emotional stress. Western wellness experts have spoken for decades about the effects of long-term stress on emotional and physical well being; and they are increasingly speaking about the importance of mindfulness, centeredness, and balance.

Chinese medicine focuses on disease prevention, as well as maintaining the proper balance of digestion, breathing, and other body functions. When the body or mind are not functioning to their potential, Chinese Medicine helps to restore balance.

Chinese Medicine is inherently personalized, based on each individual’s constitution and conditions. Magnus Wellness place great emphasis on listening to our patients, so we can work together to find the best treatment plan. Our focus is on the right diagnosis, the right treatment, and the right timing.
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